Phone Number: 978-264-0399
354 B Great Road, Acton MA 01720 View on Map


Location: Quail Ridge is in Acton, MA., on Route 2A (Great Road), 200 yards west of the intersection of 2A and 27, on the south side of 2A.
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Directions to Quail Ridge Country Club in Acton, Massachusetts
From Route 495 (north or south)

  • Exit 495 onto Route 2A/119 East (exit #31)
  • Follow Route 2A / 119 East for approximately 5 miles, past the reservoir on your right.
  • Quail Ridge Country Club will be on your right just before the intersection of Route 27.


From 128/95 (north or south)

  • Exit 128/95 at Route 2 West (exit # 29B)
  • Follow Route 2 West from 128 to the Concord rotary.
  • Enter the rotary and take second exit to Route 2A /119 North (Great Road) toward Acton and Littleton.
  • Stay on Route 2A North (Great Road) for 2.9 miles through Acton.  After the main part of Acton you will encounter a set of lights at the intersection of Route 2A and Route 27  (approximately three miles from the Concord rotary). Continue straight through the intersection.
  • Quail Ridge Country Club will be on your left, approximately 200 yard after the set of lights.